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Railways during the war (1941 - 1945)

Railways during the war (1941 - 1945)

July 6, 1941 the collective depot "Sorting" Moscow-Ryazan railway appealed to all the railroad through the newspaper "Lenin's way." The appeal says: "Comrades railroad! Provide fully all needs of the Red Army in the transport quickly and smoothly deliver military supplies to the front, help the Red Army to defeat the fascist gangs ..."

July 22 was raided on Moscow. On the front-line road transport carried out under the fire of enemy artillery and bombed. In the News reports frequently mentioned items such as Elnya, knots, Kashira, Pavelets and others.

All depot node preparing trains, broneploschadki, manufactured barrage structures formed military health, repair and rehabilitation of the train.

On third day of the war the Government Council was established evacuation. First of all exported in the defense industry to a new place as fast as possible to start production of aircraft, tanks, guns and ammunition. For four months in Moscow have taken almost 500 largest enterprises and research institutes, about 2.5 million people. Railwaymen capital sent daily to 80 trains.

Railwaymen literally left by the last frontiers left, often under fire from the advancing enemy. Ivan Efimov, awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labor in 1943, under the fire of Nazi aircraft led the locomotive from the station Belev, received six wounds, but the weight saving.

Road unloaded 7-8 thousand. Cars a day - 4 times more than in peacetime. Only in October in Moscow and Moscow region was delivered 140 thousand. Carriages with the troops.

Women exchanged went to the front of railway. They worked on the roads in repair teams, there were many among the stokers, assistant engineer and locomotive engineer. At the Moscow ring road, women accounted for 60% of the personnel. Head of the Moscow ring road in the years 1938-1942 was ZP Trinity.

December 12 "Moscow railroad" an article by Ilya Ehrenburg "The fate of victory," which stated: "Railways - vessels that the blood of the country: and the bread shells, bombs, and oil. With the confidence of the Red Army is looking for railroad: it is for brothers weapons - one shot, the other takes the bullets. "

Upon recommendation of the People's Commissar of Railways General A. Khrulev large group of railway workers who distinguished themselves in the first months of the war and in the Battle of Moscow, was awarded orders and medals. July 22, 1942 the newspaper "Lenin's Way" placed a decree awarding. Order of Lenin was awarded to 55 people. Among them - the head of the Moscow path distance west of the road KA Blokhin, head of the Moscow-sorting station Moscow-Ryazan road VG Golovin driver depot Fish DP Dormidontov driver Moscow-sorting depot AI Zharinov, compiler train station Perovo GM Savin driver depot Ilyich MT Fokin and others.

Moscow lokomotivschiki took the initiative in creating special units for front-line services. These were the columns of locomotives special reserve NKPS (CCU). The first four columns are formed in the locomotive depot Ilyich.


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