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Russian Railways: The strongest link in Eurasia
Statements and Strategy
Passenger Service Freight Service Infrastructure

Russian Railways transports passengers on domestic services and direct and transit routes to Europe and Asia: Austria, Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, China, Mongolia, the CIS and the Baltic countries.


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The RZD Holding provides the following services in the field of freight transportation: transport-logistics and terminal-warehouse services, the provision of rolling stock and sea and stevedore transportation etc.

More details about the work of the Company's cargo complex can be found here

The RZD Holding brings together advanced competence and the latest technology in the field of engineering under a single brand. The Company implements large-scale infrastructure projects both in Russia and abroad.

The RZD Holding runs a large business with

  • 85,000 kilometres of railway lines;
  • over 750,000 highly qualified staff;
  • more than 1 billion people and over 1.2 billion tons of freight transported annually;
  • a contribution of about 1.5% to Russia's annual GDP;
  • a presence in over 40 countries.

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