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Moscow Central Ring

Passengers on the Moscow Central Ring can change to 20 stations on the Moscow Metro and to on 9 railway stops in radial directions.

New passenger infrastructure and a fare payment system are integrated into the urban public transport system. The Moscow Central Ring has a total of 31 stops. Passenger transport service on the Moscow Central Ring is operated by the High-Speed Directorate, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, and is provided by "Lastochka" electric trains based at the depot "Podmoskovnaya".

Trains run at intervals of 5 minutes during the rush hours (weekdays 07:30-11:30 and 16:00-21:00, at weekends and public holidays 12:30-18:00) and 10 minutes during off-peak times. It takes trains 90 minutes to complete a full circuit of the Moscow Central Ring, which is open daily from 05:45 to 01:00.

Russian Railways with the government of Moscow continues to work on the integration of the MCC with suburban rail links to create convenient transfers that will take a minimum amount of time.

So, on the Yaroslavl direction there is a transfer of the stopping point Severyanin to Rostokino MCC, due to which the transfer will be reduced from 600 meters to several tens of meters.