All border control and customs procedures on Allegro trains are carried out in transit. Border patrol and customs officers exercise their duties on the train in a specially designated area.

Passengers must carry and produce a valid passport and visa to cross the border between the Russian Federation and Finland.

Foreign nationals carrying an electronic visa are advised that they will be refused entry into the Russian Federation on Allegro trains.
This applies to holders of electronic visas who cross the national border of the Russian Federation by train at the Buslovskaya, Vyborg and St. Petersburg–Finlyandsky railway border crossing checkpoints.

Before going through border control formalities, non-Russian nationals should complete a migration card and customs declaration form (as appropriate). These are provided to passengers on the train.

Passengers are advised that customs duties and taxes for goods imported by natural persons into the Russian Federation for personal use may be paid directly to customs officials at Vyborg Customs Office in cash or by Visa or MasterCard.

Accompanying persons and persons without a ticket and identification documents will not be allowed to board the Allegro train.


Dear passengers! Current ticket price information will be published as soon as international train traffic is cleared to resume.

Allegro train fares include the ticket price and seat reservation price. Prices of tickets bought in Russia and Finland are listed in Euros. In Russia, tickets are sold in roubles at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Russia on the date of purchase.

Parents travelling with children aged between 6 and 17, as well as children aged 5 or younger who occupy a separate seat, must buy their children a ticket. Child fares are 30% less than the adult ticket price. Children aged 5 or younger who do not occupy a separate seat travel free of charge.

A 20% discount is offered for people travelling in groups of 6 or more passengers. Children who occupy a separate seat are counted as adult passengers for the purposes of determining the size of a group consisting of adults and children. The group discount is available to adult passengers only. A 30% discount is offered groups of children.

In the Russian Federation, tickets for Allegro trains are sold in all specialized ticket offices and terminals authorized to sell tickets for international routes.

Prices of tickets for Allegro trains purchased less than 24 hours before departure: 1st class – €132.18; 2nd class – €79.00, unless the original purchase price is greater.

All 1st class tickets include a meal.

Allegro tickets can be booked 90 days before the train departure.

In Finland:

  • VR ticket machines (Finnish Railways).
  • VR ticket offices.
  • travel agencies.

In Russia:

  • specialized ticket offices of Russian Railways;
  • the website
  • Agencies selling railway tickets.


Dear passengers! Sale of tickets for Allegro trains is temporarily unavailable. More information is available here

No. St. Petersburg Intermediate points Helsinki
Vyborg Vainikkala Kouvola Lahti Tikkurila
781 06:40 07:35-07:45 08:07-08:14 08:53-08:55 09:19-09:21 09:53-09:54 10:07
783 11:30 12:25-12:35 12:57-13:04 13:43-13:45 14:09-14:11 14:43-14:44 14:57
785 15:30 16:25-16:35 16:57-17:04 17:43-17:45 18:09-18:11 18:43-18:44 18:57
787 20:30 21:25-21:35 21:57-22:04 22:43-22:45 23:09-23:11 23:43-23:44 23:57
No. Helsinki Intermediate points St. Petersburg
Tikkurila Lahti Kouvola Vainikkala Vyborg
782 07:20 07:32-07:33 08:05-08:07 08:31-08:33 09:13-09:20 09:41-09:46 10:47
784 11:00 11:12-11:13 11:45-11:47 12:11-12:13 12:53-13:00 13:21-13:26 14:27
786 16:00 16:12-16:13 16:45-16:47 17:11-17:13 17:53-18:00 18:21-18:26 19:27
788 20:00 20:12-20:13 20:45-20:47 20:11-20:13 21:53-22:00 22:21-22:26 23:27


The train’s dining car seats 38 passengers and has 3 bars for 12 people. The restaurant offers passengers drinks, snacks and hot meals.

Catering Services

Passenger groups travelling on Allegro trains may pre-order meals. This will guarantee the desired dietary choice to all group members. It also allows the train crew to meet special dietary needs with more care.

Meals menu (in English)

Groups may additionally inquire about other available meal choices. Table reservation is only available to groups with pre-ordered meals.

Please note:

  • minimum group size – 6 passengers;
  • minimum purchase price for Avecra products – €100;
  • payment and any changes to your order must be made at least 7 days prior to departure;
  • catering services can be booked for Allegro trains travelling both from Finland to Russia and from Russia to Finland;
  • services are paid for in advance via invoice or credit card;
  • food items purchased on the train are paid for in cash or by credit card;
  • purchases do not include a sales charge.

Lost and Found service telephones:

  • Petersburg, Finlyandsky railway station: +7 (812) 457-79-79
  • Helsinki, Lost and Found Service Finland: +358 (6000) 41-006

In order reclaim your lost property, you will be asked to produce your ID and ticket. If you encounter any difficulties finding your property, you may fill out an electronic search request form (for tickets purchased via Russian ticketing services) or submit a written property search request to the railway station attendant.

Tax Free receipts must be stamped by Global Blue employees while you are in transit between Helsinki and Kouvola stations. To see the list of Tax Free refund offices, visit

Passengers making a connection at Kouvola and Vainikkala stations should have their Tax Free receipts stamped by a customs officer before crossing the border.

Passengers holding e-Taxfree Nordic Oy receipts may receive their refund directly on board the Allegro train before arriving in Vainikkala. For more information, visit

For a cash refund, please visit one of the following banks:

  • Bank Intesa: St. Petersburg, Kuibysheva St., 15; Moscow, Bolshoi Gnezdikovskiy pereulok, 1, bld. 2; Moscow, Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya, 16–18, bld. 1; Moscow, Zatsepa St., 24.
  • Bank Slavia: St. Petersburg, pereulok Grivtsova, 4, lit. A; St. Petersburg, Lensoveta St., 88, lit. A; Moscow, Kedrova St., 5A.

Passengers of the Allegro high-speed train traveling from St. Petersburg to Helsinki can make use of a free transfer from Tikkurila station to Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

This became possible after a circular railway line was put into operation in Helsinki, which connected the Tikkurila station, where the high-speed train Allegro arrives, to Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Travel time from Tikkurila station to Airport station is 8 minutes. Allegro train tickets are valid for travel to the airport within 80 minutes from the arrival of the Allegro train in Tikkurila or Helsinki.

About the train and the journey on board

Each individual seat is equipped with a folding table, an adjustable seat back, individual lighting, a socket between the armchairs for connecting mobile phone and laptop chargers, a place for outerwear, a leg support and pockets for storing newspapers and magazines.

1 Class:

  • 48 seats;
  • Meeting/conference room for 6 persons;
  • Seat arrangement 1+2;
  • Leather seats;
  • Self-service area with tea and coffee;
  • Provision of newspapers and magazines;
  • Headphones for listening to radio broadcasts.

2 Class:

  • 289 seats;
  • Seat arrangement 2+2;
  • Children’s playroom in carriage No. 7.

Seats for passengers with disabilities:

  • 2 seats (carriage No. 2);
  • Special toilet unit;
  • The carriage is equipped with a lift.
  • The train is designed as a non-smoking area.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Passengers are provided with drinking water.
  • Seats for passengers with limited mobility.
  • Seats for passengers with pets.
  • Room for storing hand luggage.
  • Children’s play corner and baby changing table.
  • Passenger information system in three languages ​​(Russian, Finnish, English).
  • Service on the train is provided by an international train crew specially trained and fluent in three languages.
  • Currency exchange (in Finland) and refunds by TaxFree cheques.

Fares on the Allegro train consist of the price of the ticket and the reserved seat. Tickets prices are listed in euros in Russia and Finland. Travel documents issued in the Russian Federation are paid for in roubles at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of issue.

In Russia, tickets for Allegro trains are sold at special ticket offices and international rail terminals.

The prices of individual (adult and child) tickets purchased between 60 and 7 days in advance of the travel date for all Allegro trains running Monday through Thursday will be:

  • for trains departing between 30 October 2016 and 28 October 2017: 28.97 euros (for second-class seats); 43.97 euros (for passengers travelling with pets in second-class seats); 60.22 euros (for first-class seats).

The cost of travel in first class includes a service charge of 19.44 euros.

The base fare is used to calculate the prices of adult and child tickets. The base fare for child tickets is 30% lower than the base fare for adult tickets.

Tickets purchased for Allegro trains less than 24 hours before departure are priced at the base fare and will be 79 euros for second-class seats and 130.60 euros for first-class seats.

Ticket policy for children travelling on Allegro high-speed trains:

  • Children under the age of six (inclusive) travelling with an adult and not occupying a separate seat travel free of charge.
  • Children aged between 6 and 17 (inclusive) and children under the age of six who occupy a separate seat must have a valid travel document (the price of which is 30% lower than the adult fare).

Passengers must transport their pets on Allegro high-speed trains in the specially designated seating areas in second-class carriages.

Separate travel documents are not required to transport pets.

Passengers may travel with a maximum of:

  • two dogs, each on a leash, or
  • two cages with animals, or
  • one dog on a leash and one cage with an animal or animals.

Cages must not exceed 60×45×40cm in size. Several animals may be transported in the same cage.

Ticket prices for passengers travelling with pets in the specially designated seating areas in the second-class carriages on Allegro trains (Carriage No. 6, seats 65–68) departing from 30 October 2016 is equal to the price of a second-class ticket plus 15 euros.

Passengers are allowed to take easily transportable items as hand luggage onto the train as long as this does not contravene customs or other administrative laws and provided that these items do not pose a threat to public health, the environment or the personal belongings of other passengers and do not inconvenience other passengers.

Passengers are allowed a maximum of two pieces of hand luggage, each measuring no more than 100×60×40cm. Small items such as briefcases, handbags and laptop computers to do not count towards the hand luggage total.

As part of their hand luggage allowance, passengers are permitted to take a bicycle (packed and unassembled in a box no larger than 100×60×40cm) onto the train.

In addition to the hand luggage allowance, passengers may carry skis in a covered bag.

Separate tickets for a maximum of two additional items of hand luggage may be purchased at the point of sale, provided that there is sufficient space on the train.

Passengers are required to store their hand luggage in the designated spaces.

Hand luggage must be located in the same carriage as the passenger.

Group ticketing procedure

Tickets for organised groups of passengers (OGP) on Sapsan (Nizhny Novgorod – Moscow – St. Petersburg), Lastochka (RZD facilities: Pskov – Veliky Novgorod – Petrozavodsk; St. Petersburg – Pskov; St. Petersburg – Sortavala; Rostov-on-Don – Novorossiysk; Moscow – Ivanovo; and St. Petersburg – Bologoye) and Allegro high-speed trains (St. Petersburg – Helsinki) can be purchased following the conclusion of a contract on the acquisition of travel documents for the transportation of passengers and the assignment of a single personal account (SPA of the payer).

The application is the basis for starting work to organise the transport of an organised group of passengers (OGP). A travel company shall independently prepare an application (the form is provided in the Sample Documents section) and send it to the personal manager at the High-Speed Transportation Directorate of JSC Russian Railways.

There is a single application form for all organisations. Application forms are completed for a single OGP of six or more persons travelling on the same route, on the same train and on the same departure date. The application form shall be certified by the head of the travel company and the finance manager, and shall be drawn up on the organisation’s letterhead. The application form must include the first and last name and contact telephone number of the travel agent directly responsible for organising the journey.

Requests are accepted from 90 to 10 days before departure. Requests submitted less than 10 days before departure are accepted subject to availability. Each application must be accompanied by two copies of the passenger list, certified by the head of the travel company and the finance manager.

The OGP list must include the details of the group (or tour) leader on a separate line. The group (tour) leader must not change during the ticketing process. The OGP list must comply with the prescribed form (enclosed in the Sample Documents section) and contain up-to-date details.

Once you have submitted your application, you will be assigned a personal manager, who will check that the travel details you have provided are correct and up to date, and that the required number of seats is available on the service. You will receive an invoice within two business days after the application has been processed. The invoice amount depends on the class of travel you have selected and contains the amount required to reserve the seats and issue the travel document. After the invoice has been paid and confirmation that the funds have been credited to the account of the High-Speed Transportation Directorate has been received, the seats will be reserved as requested. Reservations must be made at the ticket office of the High-Speed Transportation Directorate in the presence of a representative of the travel company.

The representative of the travel company must present:

  • power of attorney form M-2 for the right to issue travel documents upon request (dated and with an outgoing number), including passport details, the representative’s signature and company seal;
  • a payment order (with a bank stamp);
  • original of the application form (in one copy);
  • the passenger list (in duplicate).

If the representative of the travel company fails to appear within the prescribed timeframe to process the travel documents, the application will be cancelled. The reservation fee is non-refundable.

The travel company can make changes to the OGP lists and submit the final version to the ticket office after the seats have been reserved and before the date on which the representative is due to collect them.

Contacts details of the High-Speed Transportation Directorate:


To collect the tickets, a representative of the travel company must go to the ticket office of the High-Speed Transportation Directorate by the established deadline.

The employee of the travel company must present:

  • power of attorney form M-2 for the right to issue travel documents upon request (dated and with an outgoing number), including passport details, the representative’s signature and company seal;
  • a receipt confirming the payment of various fees;
  • a reservation order (supporting document);
  • a payment order;
  • the original of the updated passenger list (in duplicate);
  • up-to-date certificates from the respective educational institution (regarding the travel of an organised group of schoolchildren).

Once the ticketing process has been completed, the representative of the travel company will be issued with the travel documents (tickets) and one copy of the OGP list stamped by the High-Speed Transportation Directorate (and signed by the ticket office manager.

The cost of OGP travel is determined after the relevant application has been submitted.

Fees set by the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation for organised groups of passengers in 2021:

  • Adults – RUB 361.90;
  • Schoolchildren – RUB 90.50;
  • Children – RUB 90.50.

Mixed fares are available for all fare types (full fare, school fare, children’s fare). When reserving seats for organised groups of children and/or schoolchildren with accompanying adults (no more than one accompanying adult per 10 children and/or schoolchildren), the fee for reserving seats on long-distance trains established for organised groups of children and/or schoolchildren shall be charged.