Russian railways

Please arrive at the station well in advance due to the need to pass through security checks. In order to board the train, passengers will need their:

  • ticket (not required if booked as an electronic ticket);
  • original identity document (which must match the document stated on the ticket);
  • birth certificate or a notarised copy thereof (for a child under 14 years of age).

If you are not a passenger, you can enter the carriage to help with luggage, disabled and elderly people and passengers with children.


See our website for the current timetable for each date.

Train number


St. Petersburg

Travel time

Frequency of service






Train number

St. Petersburg


Travel time

Frequency of service





daily, except Saturday


Nevsky Express passengers have access to various food delivery services from city restaurants and cafes to their carriage. The services are available at the train’s departure stations. The current menu and a list of partner establishments are available when ordering the services.

Passengers can place orders through our website or the RZD Passengers mobile app. When ordering, passengers will need to indicate their contact information. You can also add any necessary comments to the order, such as the number of people and any allergies etc.)

Upon receipt of the order, an identity document may be required.

Attention! The restaurant car is temporarily unavailable on the train.

Nevsky Express passengers can take their pets with them on their journeys. The transportation of animals is allowed in Carriage No. 2 (service class 1Zh).

Further Details.

To search for items left on the train, passengers must fill out an electronic application indicating his/her name, ticket number, phone number, e-mail and the last four digits of the document number for which the ticket was issued. Passengers will also need to provide a description of the left items and indicate the place in the carriage where the items were probably left.

A search for left items can be done within 30 days from the beginning of the journey.

Items can be returned to passengers on presentation of their passport.

An on-board service is available for the transportation of children aged between 10 and 16 years who are unaccompanied by adults. The children travel under the supervision of the train chief and the conductor of the passenger carriage.

The service costs 1,500 roubles.

Passengers can book the service at Leningrad (ticket windows No. 1, 2) and Moscow (ticket windows No. 9, 10) railway stations.

To book the service, passengers need to:

  • present an identity document;
  • present a document proving the identity of the child;
  • present a document confirming that the applicant is the legal representative of the child;
  • fill out the relevant applications.

Applications for the service are accepted no later than two days before the train leaves the starting station.

Applications received less than two days before the train’s departure are accepted at points of sale providing that the service is available (i.e. if free seats are available). Further Details.

About the train and the journey on board

The train includes comfortable compartment carriages with seating. Each compartment can accommodate six people on soft armchairs.

All the train carriages are equipped with air conditioning and toilets that operate throughout the trip.

Carriage No. 5 has a special compartment for passengers with limited mobility and is equipped with seating.