Our website offers a service for forming a ticket that gives the right to receive road transport service from/to Kaliningrad bus station to settlements of Kaliningrad Region (Pereslavskoye – 2, Kamenka, Kumachevo, Medvedevo, Kruglovo, Putilovo, Morozovka, Povarovka, Pokrovskoye, Yantarny settlement; Sirenevo, Nizovka, Vasilkovo, Kovrovo, Sokolniki, Kamenka, Klintsovka, Vishnevoe, Zelenogradsk, Lesnoy, Musey, Dunes Holiday Center, Biostation, Khvoynoe, Rybachy, Dancing forest, Dune Efa, Morskoe settlement; Kolosovka, Pereslavlskoe, Zelenyi Gai, Olshanka, Svetlogorsk), on the electronic receipt for fees (hereinafter - "Coupon").

The carrier is ANO ETD (8 (800) 250-18-04).

Ticket registration is carried out simultaneously with the electronic travel document for railway transport, hereinafter the “single” ticket. Registration of a “single” ticket is made without commission for an individual using his/her bank card.

By purchasing a “single” ticket on our website, you agree to all of the following terms.

You, as a site user, confirm your right and legal capacity, financial solvency, and also realize responsibility for the obligations imposed upon you as a result of the conclusion of this Offer.

In case the user does not accept the terms and conditions of this Offer, he/she is not allowed to form and pay for an electronic travel document and coupon.

This Offer contains all essential conditions for sale of electronic ticket and coupon, boarding and travel on the train, as well as by road transport.


Forming of a “single” ticket is made not later than 12 hours before the start of the bus service.

Before placing an order for the purchase of a "single" ticket, the passenger has to authenticate himself/herself or register on the website. The personal password must be memorized in case you need to retrieve information on your orders. Personal password is confidential information.

When registering a “single” ticket, the travel details and personal data of each passenger are entered sequentially into the proposed fields. The user making the order is fully responsible for the correct indication of the trip details and personal data of each passenger.

“Single” ticket is formed at the full tariff for carriage of adult passengers, child tariff for children under 12 years of age (if children are not allowed to travel in vehicles without separate seating) and a free ticket for children up to 7 years of age, depending on the route. The child's age is determined on the day the trip starts.

Children under the age of 7 accompanied by an adult may travel free of charge without the need for a separate seat.

In one order, not more than 4 "single" tickets can be formed with the personal data of 4 passengers.

A “single” ticket may not be formed on the site during the technological break of the Express system.


Please carefully fill in the details of all passengers in the order. Before completing the order payment, again make sure that the specified information is correct.

The personal data of the passenger must correspond to the data specified in the document certifying their identity. If the personal data in the document is indicated in two languages (Russian and Latin), the information in the order is filled in Russian.

When forming “single” tickets, the birth certificate is used only for citizens of the Russian Federation under the age of 14.

In case of an error in the personal data of passengers or details of documents proving their identity, it is necessary to enter corrected information before paying for the order.

The person making the order is fully responsible for the correct indication of the trip details and personal data of each passenger.

We pay your special attention to the fact that, in case of an error in numbers of identity documents and other personal data, the passenger may not travel by train or by road.


A “single” ticket is paid for using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, international payment systems Visa International, MasterCard International and banking cards of the Mir national payment system. Payment by bank card is made after checking and confirming the order with forwarding to the payment gateway of VTB Bank (PJSC). 12 minutes are given to make a decision on payment for the order and enter the details of the bank card. In case of exceeding the specified time, the order is cancelled.

When paying for the order, the following details of the bank card are entered: name and surname of the card holder, its number and expiration date, as well as the three-digit code (CVV2 or CVC2). For explanations about the peculiarities of payment with a bank card on the Internet, reasons for refusal to pay, first contact the support service of the your bank.

Security of the payment procedure is ensured by the use of traffic encryption tools (SSL).

Specifics of payment with Visa Electron and Maestro cards:

Make sure that your card has the CVV2 code (CVC2) placed on the back of the bank card.

Attention to the cardholders of foreign issuers! In accordance with the requirements of international payment systems, 3D Secure/Secure Code (a special Internet payment security technology) is used to improve payment security. If your bank is not certified to use this technology, you may be refused to effect payment by the payment system. If you receive a refusal to pay, please contact the support service of your bank.

In accordance with the requirements of 3D Secure/Secure Code technology, when paying for an order, the issuing bank may require the cardholder to undergo additional identification.

If for any reason you have not received confirmation of successful order formation, please go to "My Orders" before placing a repeat order and check that the order has indeed not been formed.

In case of disputes about debiting money when paying for “single” tickets, contact the bank, the card holder of which you are (the phone is indicated on the reverse side of your card). VTB (PAO) is the acquiring bank (provides a service for payment card transactions), tel. 8 (800) 100-24-24.


After payment of the “single” ticket, an electronic receipt for fees is formed - a "coupon giving the right to receive a service on road transport”, with the ticket number and receipt number (14 digits).

Be sure to print an electronic receipt for fees for boarding the bus.

The user, who forms a “single” ticket, acts on behalf of all passengers in the order, therefore, all passengers in the order are considered informed about the conditions of boarding and travel on the train and by road.


Attention! Carriage by road is performed by Unified Transport Directorate Autonomous Non-Profit Organization.

When boarding a motor vehicle, the passenger must present an identity document, which is indicated on the electronic receipt for fees, and the electronic receipt for fees on paper.

The “single” ticket may not be transferred to other persons. Resale of the “single” ticket is not allowed.

Children under the age of 7 can travel on trains without a seat if they have a free electronic travel document; children under the age of 7 travelling in a car with an accompanying adult can travel free of charge without a separate seat.

A passenger may carry free hand luggage weighing not more than 36 kg in motor transport, the size of which based on the sum of three measurements does not exceed 180 cm.

The carriage of animals in buses is not registered.


The unused “single” ticket is returned:

  • on the website of JSCo RZD;
  • at the ticket office.

Attention! The unused “single” ticket is returned:

  • Ticket return not later than 12 hours before the commencement of carriage by road, the return transaction fee is charged in the amount of 36 rubles 00 kopecks.
  • return of the electronic travel document is carried out in accordance with the Electronic Ticket Return Rules on the website of JSCo RZD.
  • The ticket and the electronic travel document (“single” ticket) are returned simultaneously.

Return is possible as for the whole order and a specific “single” ticket from the order.

The unused “single” ticket is returned at the ticket office, which processes the return of tickets, upon presentation of the electronic receipt for fees and the document certifying the passenger identity which number is listed on the “single” ticket, according to the deadlines set for the return.

The passenger may return the unused “single” ticket at the ticket office within 5 days from the train departure or commencement of carriage by road as specified in the “single” ticket due to illness, accident in the presence of supporting documents, via a claim procedure.

If the unused “single ticket” is returned within the specified time frame, a fee for the return (for each seat) is charged.

The funds for unused “single” ticket are returned only in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The money due for an unused "single" Ticket are credited to the bank card by which the payment of the "single" ticket was made, within the deadlines established by rules of payment systems (from 7 to 30 calendar days from the date of registration of the return).

Attention! To settle a claim regarding non-payment for a returned unused travel document and the coupon to your bank card, you should contact your cardholder's bank with a written claim.

Attention! If you return an unused free “single” ticket for children under 7 years of age, no fee for return is charged.

The site does not allow:

  • reservation of seats without paying the tariff;
  • registration of a “single” ticket for privileged categories of citizens.