Multimodal transport offer

Our website offers a service for the issuance and payment of an electronic miscellaneous charges receipt "ticket for the services involving the arrangement of road transportation" (the "ticket") commission-free for an individual person using his/her bank card.

By purchasing a ticket on our website, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below.

As a user of the website, you acknowledge your legal right and competence and your financial viability, and are also aware of the responsibility for the obligations imposed on you as a result of accepting hereof.

If the user does not accept the terms and conditions of this offer, s/he is not allowed to register and pay for a ticket.

This offer contains all the material terms and conditions covering the sale of a ticket, boarding and travelling by road.

Please note that the possibility of forming a Coupon for this service is available on the website, as well as in the mobile application RZD for Passengers.

1. Rules for booking a ticket on the website

A ticket can be purchased not earlier than 91 days before the beginning of transportation by road and no later than 1 hour before the beginning of transportation by road.

Tickets are issued at adult fares. Tickets for children under 5 years of age are formed on a separate blank with a seat.

Before booking your ticket, you must either undergo authentication on the website or register. You should remember your personal password in order to view information about your orders. Personal password is a confidential information.

When placing a ticket purchase order, details of the proposed journey and personal data of each passenger must be entered in the relevant fields. The user making the order bears full responsibility for entering the correct travel details and personal data of each passenger.

No more than 4 tickets showing the personal data of 4 passengers can be issued on one order.

Placing orders and obtaining a ticket cannot be done when the Express system is down for technical reasons between 3:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. Moscow time.

2. Entering passenger data

Please fill in carefully the details of all the passengers on the order. Check once again that the information you entered is correct before beginning the payment procedure.

The passenger’s personal data must comply with the data specified in his/her identity document. If the personal data in the document is given in two languages (using Russian and Latin alphabet), information must be entered in Russian when filling in orders.

When booking e-tickets, a birth certificate can be used only for the Russian Federation citizens under 14 years of age.

In case of an error in the personal data of the passengers or their identity documents, you must enter the corrected information before payment.

The person making the order bears full responsibility for entering the correct travel details and personal data of each passenger.

Please be aware that if the identity document numbers or other personal data are entered with errors, the passenger will be unable to travel by road.

3. Paying for a ticket

Ticket can be paid for using Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro bank cards issued by international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard International as well as a bank card issued by Mir, a national payment system. Payment by bank card can be made after order verification and confirmation by routing to the payment gateway of the bank VTB (PJSC). You will have 12 minutes to make the order payment and enter your bank card details. If you exceed this set time, your order will be cancelled.

When paying for the order, the following bank card details must be entered: first name and surname of the bank card holder, the card number, card expiry date and the card’s three-digit code (CVV2 or CVC2).

For details of online payments using your bank card, or reasons why your payment has been rejected, please first of all contact your bank’s support service.

The security of the payment procedure is ensured by SSL, a protocol for encrypting traffic sent over the Internet.

Features of payment by Visa Electron and Maestro:

Make sure that your card has the CVV2 (CVC2) code on the reverse side of the bank card.

For the Attention of holders of cards issued by foreign banks! In accordance with the requirements of international payment systems, in order to improve security when making payments, 3D Secure/Secure Code technology (a special technology for making secure payments on the Internet) is used. If your bank does not have the appropriate certificate for using this technology, you may not be able to make your payment. If your payment is rejected, please contact customer support at the bank that issued your card.

In accordance with the requirements of 3D Secure/Secure Code technology, when paying for the order, the Issuing Bank may require the Cardholder to undergo additional identification.

The need for additional identification and how it is obtained are determined solely by the Issuing Bank. For more information about the identification procedure, Card Holders should contact customer support at the bank that issued the card.

If for some reason you have not received a confirmation that your order has been accepted, go to "My Orders" before making a repeat order and ensure that the order was in fact not processed.

In the event of any disputes about the debiting of funds when paying for e-tickets, you should contact the bank which issued your card (the phone number is given on the reverse side of your card). VTB (PJSC) is an acquirer bank (it provides services involving transactions made using payment cards), phone 8-800-100-24-24.

4. Obtaining a ticket

After payment for the Coupon, an electronic receipt for fees is formed - “Coupon entitling to travel by road transport" with the ticket number and receipt number (14 digits), in which the following information is shown:

  • Surname, first name, patronymic, person for whom the ticket is formed, date and place of birth of such person, number and series of the identity document;
  • time and date of departure/arrival of road transport;
  • cost of road transportation;
  • route;
  • type of transportation;
  • information about the Carrier;
  • conditions for boarding the vehicle;
  • information for the passenger that the Coupon entitles them to get road transport services from the Carrier on the route indicated in the Ticket.

The Coupon is automatically sent to the email address specified in the registered user's profile.

To board the bus, the passenger has to show to the driver the Coupon on electronic media - smart phone/tablet or in printed form on paper and an identity document on the basis of which the Coupon was formed.

The user who is booking a ticket acts on behalf of all passengers on the order, for which reason all passengers on the order are deemed informed of the conditions of boarding and travel by road.

5. Passenger boarding

When boarding the automobile transport, passengers should produce the identity document on the basis of which the electronic miscellaneous charges receipt is acquired and the electronic miscellaneous charges receipt in hard copy or in electronic format.

Tickets cannot be transferred to other persons. Ticket resales are not allowed.

6. Return of unused ticket

Unused tickets can be returned:

  • on the website of JSCo "RZD";
  • at the booking office.

Attention! An unused ticket can be returned no later than 12 hours before the beginning of transportation by road.

Unused tickets can be returned at a booking office in the territory of the Russian Federation on presentation of the electronic miscellaneous charges receipt and the identity document which number is shown on the ticket within the deadlines set for their return.

Passengers are entitled to return unused tickets to a booking office within 5 days from the time of departure of the train or the beginning of transportation by road, as specified in the ticket, due to illness or accident, provided that they present supporting documents, using the complaint procedure.

If an unused ticket is returned within a prescribed period, the return charge is deducted (for each seat).

Refunds for unused ticket can be made only in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Refunds of unused tickets are credited to the bank card used to pay for the ticket within the periods specified by the rules of the payment systems (from 7 to 30 calendar days from the time the passenger requests a refund).

ATTENTION! To settle claims for refunds related to returned unused tickets which have not been credited to your bank card, you should send a claim in writing to the bank which issued your card.