78709.png      Dear Customers! Freight Shippers and Consignees!

All units of the Corporate Transport Services Centre and agencies across the rail network will operate seven days a week and ensure the smooth delivery of your goods. They will pay particular attention to taking receipt of orders, ensuring timely deliveries of food and other socially important goods and responding to urgent requests from government authorities. Apply for your transportation needs to local office sandround the clock by calling the hot line on 8-800-755-00-00. In addition, you can use our 24-hour electronic trading platform "Freight Transportation", through which it is possible to make remote orders and payments for door-to-door delivery. On behalf of Russian Railways, I promise that all units responsible for the movement of goods will operate as normal, in spite of any circumstances. The Company will always be there and ready to provide all possible assistance!

Aleksey Shiloh,
Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways
and the head of the Corporate Transport Services Centre,
will head the Emergency Response Centre.

The Company has set up an emergency centre to provide prompt support to shippers and to coordinate all links in the transport chain as the country tries to prevent and eliminate the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.Russian Railways has also set up a separate hot line for freight transportation in order to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively and to respond to problems, questions and suggestions from participants on the transport market.The hot line is 8-800-755-00-00.

Russian Railways calls on all participants on the freight market to show maximum solidarity and provide constructive cooperation in solving transport problems in the interests of all citizens in Russia. The Company will take all possible measures to promote and assist small and medium-sized businesses to ensure transportation and logistics for their activities.

Aleksey Shiloh, the emergency centre is being led by the Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways & Head of the Centre for Corporate Transport Services.


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