Russian railways
22.01.2021   10:52

Russian Railways purchased 566 new locomotives in 2020

In 2020, Russian Railways invested about 95 billion roubles in renewing its traction rolling stock.

In total, the Company purchased 566 new locomotives, including 328 mainline electric locomotives, of which 294 were freight engines (2ES5K - 15 units, 3ES5K - 122 units, 4ES5K - 15 units, 2ES6 - 96 units, 3ES6 - 30 units, 2ES7 - 9 units, 3ES4K - 4 units, 3ES10 - 3 units) and 34 passenger locomotives (EP2K - 25 units, EP20 - 5 units, EP1M - 4 units).

Russian Railways also bought 238 diesel locomotives, including 154 TEM18DM shunting diesel locomotives, 80 freight mainline diesel locomotives (40 2TE25KMs and 40 3TE25K2Ms) and 4 passenger TEP70BS diesel engines.

The largest number of new engines was assigned to the locomotive depot fleets in Khabarovsk, Taiga, Ilanskaya and Komsomolsk.

“The investment programme for 2020 was largely focused on Eastern Russia, which received 318 of the new locomotives. In particular, we purchased powerful 3TE25K2M diesel locomotives for the Baikal-Amur Main Line (BAM), which made it possible to improve significantly the efficiency indicators, such as locomotive performance and train weight on this section,” said Oleg Valinsky, Deputy Managing Director of Russian Railways and Head of the Traction Directorate.