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New trains will run in communication with the North of Russia

In December, St. Petersburg and Kostroma will be connected by a new double-decker train No. 43/44. Currently, it is possible to get from one city to another only with a transfer in Moscow or Ivanovo.

From December 15 until summer, the new double-decker train No. 43/44 St. Petersburg - Kostroma will run 2 times a week, and in summer – daily. Departing from St. Petersburg from Moskovsky Railway Station at 22:11, the train will arrive in Kostroma at 10:04 next day. From Kostroma, the train will depart at 12:15 and arrive in St. Petersburg at 23:09 the next day. On the way, he will make stops at the stations of Bologoe, Udomlya, Bezhetsk, Sonkovo, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl and Nerekhta.

The train will include 10 comfortable double-decker compartment cars equipped with microclimate maintenance and air disinfection systems and environmentally friendly toilet complexes. Sockets and USB connectors for charging mobile devices are also provided.

To improve the quality of service and passenger comfort, the Moscow – Vorkuta Express train No. 41/42 has also started running with an updated train. These are 55 brand new compartment and reserved cars produced by JSC TVZ (part of JSC Transmashholding) in the form of two-car couplings and recently replenished the holding's fleet. They are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable journey, including climate control systems with air disinfection, water purification and disinfection systems, environmentally friendly sanitary rooms, shower cabins, sockets and USB connectors for charging mobile devices and other services.

The train runs every other day, departing from the Yaroslavsky railway station in Moscow at 21:50 and arriving in Vorkuta at 14:37. In the opposite direction, the train departs at 16:35 and arrives in Moscow at 09:58. On the way there are stops in Yaroslavl, Vologda, Kotlas and other cities.

Both trains are adapted for passengers with disabilities. The trains have cars with special compartments of increased area, a lifting device for a wheelchair and other devices for passengers with limited mobility.

You can apply for travel documents online on the official website of JSC "Russian Railways" in the section "Passengers" and using the mobile application "Russian Railways Passengers", as well as at the railway ticket offices.

In the long-distance trains of the Russian Railways holding, a number of anti-epidemic measures are being taken to ensure the safe transportation of passengers. All train trains undergo mandatory sanitary treatment with the use of disinfecting detergents active against viruses. The frequency of cleaning cars with the use of disinfectants between flights and en route has been increased. All modern cars are equipped with special installations with the function of air disinfection with ultraviolet bactericidal lamps.

Russian Railways Holding strongly recommends that passengers use personal protective equipment - masks and gloves - throughout the trip. If necessary, masks and gloves can be purchased in the carriage from the train crew.