TransContainer Launches Container Service for Coal

TransContainer has launched a rail service to carry coal in OpenTop containers via the Zabaikalsk-Manzhouli border crossing point.

The first train carrying 3.9 thousand tons of coal left from the Priargunsk rail station on January 26 and reached Zabaikalsk-Manzhouli in less than a day.

A second train consisting of 120 TEU of empties was sent from Manzhouli to Priargunsk to load another coal shipment.

TransContainer says transporting coal in containers allows of reducing transit time as no platform change is required when the train leaved the Russian 1520 gauge for the narrower gauge in China. Also, the impact on the environment is reduced.

At present, the company is considering developing a regular rail container service for coal from Priargunsk to Zabaikalsk with a monthly volume up to 13 thousand tons.