Russian railways
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The day of the Russian Railways in the Federation Council opened with the launch of the movement of trains on the second track on the BAM

Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko and CEO – Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "Russian Railways" Oleg Belozerov launched the movement of trains on the second track on the Tyya – Severobaikalsk section Baikal-Amur main line. The event was held in the format of a teleconference connecting the Severobaikalsk railway station in the Republic of Buryatia and the Federation Council in Moscow. A freight train with containers, driven by an electric locomotive 3ES5K, was the first to go along the new section.

"At all times, the development of railways has been extremely important for our country. This is the circulatory system of the economy, connecting the space of a large country. Every new kilometer of railways contributes to improving the quality of people's lives – this is our main goal," Valentina Matvienko said.

"Each new railway facility affects the economic growth of the regions with which we are interconnected. One of the most important tasks today is the development of the East of the country. It is a great honor for us here in the Federation Council to open a new site that will create new opportunities not only for the Far East, but also for the country as a whole," Oleg Belozerov said.

The Tyya – Severobaikalsk line has a length of almost 9 km . To make it completely double-track, the builders have equipped the roadbed, laid a jointless track, communication and traffic control networks, equipped a contact network, a bridge and an overpass. Thus, the length of the double-track sections increased from Lena station (Irkutsk region) to Severobaikalsk, and the capacity in this place will double: from 20 to 41 trains per day in the eastern direction and from 16 to 36 – in the western direction. Landing platforms and an energy complex have also appeared here.

Special attention was paid to ecology. The progress of the work was observed by representatives of public organizations of Buryatia and independent environmentalists. 7 noise screens were installed on the site, geomembrane material was laid around the perimeter, on top of which a network of drainage trays is equipped. This eliminates the ingress of effluents into the soil, all of them enter the modern complex of treatment facilities.

Railway development projects implemented by JSC "Russian Railways" in the regions of Russia, as well as environmental and social initiatives of the company are presented at the exhibition, placed in the Federation Council as part of the Day of Russian Railways.