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First train with containers loaded into open-top cars left Vostochny Port

Vostochny Port JSC says the first container train numbering 56 open-top cars loaded with 68 twenty-foot and forty-foot containers at the stevedore’s multipurpose terminal has left the Nakhodka-Vostochnaya station of the Far East Railway.

According to the statement, this method of container transportation was not used in Russia for over six years.

New loading technology foresees fixing of metal containers with air bags instead of using timber. On November 22, the train will deliver containers with imported goods and industrial commodities to the "Belyi Rast" Container Terminal near Moscow having covered almost 10,000 kilometers.

Vostochny Port first unloaded the containers from ships to the berth of its PPK1 terminal and then loaded them into open-top cars which delivered metal and coal intended for foreign consumers.

The operation is foreseen by a large-scale programme for diversification of business towards containerization undertaken by Vostochny Port in view of the company’s task to create a multi-modal export/import hub at its Multipurpose Handling Complex.

That lets build up the volumes of transit and import cargo handled by the company.

Modernization of port facilities is underway at PPK1 (Phase 1). The terminal’s current capacity is about 29,000 TEUs.In 2022, Phase 2 of the modernization project will let increase the capacity to almost 90,000 TEUs.

Phase 3 aimed at making four berths fully operational will raise the capacity to almost 117,000 TEUs. Total investments into the project are estimated at over RUB 800 million.

Railway transport experst say that transportation of containers in open-top railcars lets respond to the deficit of fitting platforms, especially on the Far East Railway.

When speaking about the company’s business diversification towards containerization of cargo, Irina Olkhovskaya, UMMC Director for Port and Rail Projects, emphasized the significance of the multiplicative effect ensured by loading of railcars which deliver export coal and metal to the terminal making is profitable for both Russian Railways and owners of railcars and cargo.

Vostochny Port JSC (Vrangel settlement, Primorsky Region) is Russia’s largest specialized terminal with high-tech coal handling. Vostochny Port is a free access facility open for all coal manufacturers of Russia. In 2020, it handled 26.85 million tonnes of cargo.

The terminal features covered stations for unloading and transfer of coal, conveyor equipment, rotary car dumpers, shiploaders and the second-to-none system of multi-stage magnetic coal separation.

Vostochny Port is the first coal port in the Far East that obtained a certificate of compliance with ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental Management System: Requirements and Application Guide." The certificate confirms the company’s compliance with both Russian and international requirements on environmental risk management. The key element of the company’s environment protection is the system of dust and wind protection facilities of more than 20 metes high and about 3 kilometers long. As of today, they are the largest protection facilities in the Far East.