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Siemens is ready to work with Russian Railways to develop a hydrogen-fueled train

Siemens is ready to provide Russian Railways (RZD) with its developments in the field of hydrogen-powered rolling stock. Alexander Liberov, President of Siemens in Russia, said about it in the interview to TASS.

"In Russia we offered RZD our technological participation and developments. This is still the initial stage, there are no serious discussions yet, but we, having the technology, production, having the production base at Ural Locomotives - our joint venture with Sinara Group - can speak about development of cooperation with Russian Railways in this direction," Lieberov said.

He noted that Siemens has discussed hydrogen application technologies with Russian Railways.

"Certainly, here, as in the case of digital technologies, it takes some time for the solution to mature. But I am almost certain that this is the direction we will move in," he said with confidence.