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Russian Railways Holding has been launching a new multimodal route through Pushkin places since September

Since September, we are launching a new multimodal weekend route Moscow-Sergach-Bolshoe Boldino.

Convenient organization of the "train + bus" route will make the trip to the Pushkin family estate as comfortable as possible and will give a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Boldinsky autumn – the most productive creative period when the great Russian poet wrote his famous poems and works – "Eugene Onegin", "Belkin's Stories", "Gypsies", "Little Tragedies". The State Literary-Memorial and Natural Museum-Reserve of A. S. Pushkin is located in Bolshoy Boldin, where you can see the preserved original manor house in which the author lived when he came to the village, a manor park with ancient ponds and trees left from Pushkin's times.

For the organization of transportation, long-distance trains of the formation of JSC "FPC" (a subsidiary of JSC "Russian Railways") are used, running in communication with Moscow and passing through the Sergach station, as well as a bus chartered by the company, following the route Sergach – Bolshoe Boldino. The flights are docked according to the arrival and departure times.

For trips in the direction of Bolshoy Boldin, passengers of long-distance trains No. 148 Moscow-Kazan, No. 112 Moscow-Krugloye Pole and No. 72 Moscow – Cheboksary will be able to transfer to a bus departing from Sergach station. When traveling from Bolshoy Boldin to Moscow, the bus route is docked in time with trains No. 147 Kazan – Moscow, No. 111 Krugloye Pole-Moscow, No. 117 Novokuznetsk – Moscow and No. 95 Barnaul – Moscow. Passengers can board the bus upon presentation of a ticket and an identity document specified in the ticket.

Bus and train tickets can be issued at the same time at any long-distance ticket office at railway stations or on the website of JSC "Russian Railways". You can find out more detailed information about the route in the section "Multimodal transportation" on the website of JSC "Russian Railways".