Russian railways

Eastern Siberian Railways reduces oil shipments to China 4% in Jan-Feb.

ESR is only exporting oil via the Zabaikalsk checkpoint in 2008, whereas in 2007 oil was also shipped through Naushki. It was reported earlier that in 2008 ESR plans to maintain oil shipments to China at last year's level. ESR delivered 8.992 million tonnes of oil to China in 2007, down 12.4% from 2006. Of that amount, 8.842 million tonnes of oil were shipped via Zabaikalsk. Only 27,400 tonnes of oil were shipped via Naushki in 2007, down 96.4% from 2006.

Oil shipments via Naushki were cut off in April 2007. Eastern Siberia Railways passes through four constituent regions of Russia: the Irkutsk and Chita regions as well as the Buryatia and Sakha-Yakutia republics.