Russian railways

Container Throughput of NCC Terminals up 16.5% in January 08, y-o-y, to 129,411 TEU.

Container throughput of First Container Terminal amounted to 81,096 TEU (+19.5%, year-on-year). Turnover of refrigerated containers grew by 46.5%, year-on-year, to 9,350 TEU. Export totaled 40,775 TEU, import – 40,321 TEU. In the reported period POT handled 66 vessels with average turnover of 1,229 TEU per vessel. According to the source, the terminal pays special attention to prompt shipment of empty containers for loading with export cargo to be transported by higher-speed container trains. In January 08, such shipments totaled 2,137 TEU.

Throughput of Nodal Transporting and Forwarding Company of Novorossiysk (NUTEP, port of Novorossiysk) amounted to 11,282 TEU (+14.36%) including 5,677 TEU of export and 5,605 TEU of import. Loaded\empty containers ratio made 61% against 39% respectively. In January the terminal handled 6 vessels with average turnover of 1,880 TEU per vessel.

Ukrtranscontainer in the port of Iljichevsk (Ukraine) handled 37,033 TEU (+11%) including 19,131 TEU of export and 17,902 TEU of import. Loaded\empty containers ratio made 56% against 44% respectively.

The growth of the terminal’s throughput was less than expected due to stricter rules for examination of containers (all containers are now inspected by both customs and Ukraine’s Safety Service representatives). Besides, Ukraine’s forwarders and consignees proved to be not ready to prompt shipment of containers on New Year holidays which lasted for 10 days for the firs time in Ukraine.

National Container Company (NCC) is the leading Russian operator of container terminals. It holds leading position at the market of stevedoring services. NCC is owned in equal shares by First Quantum and FESCO transport group (FESCO’s control stock is owned by Industrial Investors Group).