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TMH Showcases New Capsule Coach Concept

During the Transport Week 2021 in Moscow, TMH and Federal Passenger Company (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) presented the concept (mockup) of "herringbone" interior layout for a non-compartment passenger rail car.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation Andrei Belousov, Russian Railways’ CEO and Chairman of the Board Oleg Belozerov, TMH’ CEO and Member of The Union of Machine Builders of Russia Kirill Lipa, and TMH’ Deputy CEO for Passenger Transport Development Alexander Loshmanov participated in the presentation.

Капсульный вагон.jpeg

The "herringbone" concept takes its name from the arrangement pattern of the berths, positioned diagonally to the aisle. Two options of utilizing the interior space are demonstrated: the personal capsule and the open compartment. The personal capsule is designed for passengers, who travel by themselves, it is separated from the aisle with a wall and a curtain. The open compartment is designed for passengers, who travel with company – family members, children, or other companions. Each passenger has access to personal charging stations, cloth hangers, wall pockets, and other utilities useful during a train journey. Extra luggage space is provided through shelves, mounted under the ceiling.

Капсульный вагон.PNG

The concept was designed by 2050.LAB exclusively for TMH. This is the third iteration in the series of concepts evaluating potential replacements for the "platzkart" layout, widespread in Russia. The uniting element of the series is the individualization of the environment (tables, shelves, lighting, air vents), in which the passenger spends the journey. The concept was designed for loading gauge T, making it wider and longer compared to the current standard. The length of the useable space inside the car is increased by 290 cm, the width of the car – by 28 cm, the length of sleeping berths – by 15 cm.

The new interior is inspired by the results of focus-group sessions aimed at improving the experience of passengers. The "herringbone" coaches are intended for "night express" market segment of train travel, and should be used for up to 12-hour journeys during the nighttime.

The first mockup of a perspective non-compartment passenger car – "module car" – was presented at Kazansky Rail Hub in Moscow in 2019. In 2020, its version for loading gauge T was presented at Paveletsky Rail Hub. The second mockup – "capsule coach" – was presented in March 2021 at VDNKh as part of the "Travel!" Tourist Forum.