Finished cars and Automotive Spare Parts

GEFCO was founded in 1949 as the logistics division of carmaker Peugeot. Today, GEFCO is a leading global logistics operator and is 75% owned by Russian Railways and 25% by Peugeot Citroen.

GEFCO develops and implements distribution schemes for motor vehicles produced at assembly plants or from ports and delivers them to dealer showrooms. The range of services offered to customers includes a wide range of solutions with high added value for all players in the vehicle distribution system. GEFCO offers manufacturers and importers the ability to accept cars from the factory exit, arrange domestic and intercontinental distribution and provide logistics support and all the post-production operations in buyback schemes, including pre-sale training and equipment in accordance with the standards of various markets.

If you are interested in rail transport, please contact OJSC RailTransAuto, Russia's largest rail carrier of automobiles and a specialized subsidiary of Russian Railways. The company operates a fleet of about 3000 specialized closed boxcar carriers and controls about 70% of the Russian rail-based car transportation market. The company provides transportation from the departure station to the destination station across 1520mm space, including the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Finland and Mongolia.