Russian railways

RZD Logistics can also provide warehousing if necessary and offers a full range of storage services:

  • shelving,
  • floor storage,
  • rack storage,
  • cross-docking,
  • preparation of orders,
  • packaging,
  • repacking,
  • marking,
  • warehouse reporting,
  • IT-infrastructure.

Storage software provides detailed storage reports in accordance with each client's requirements and in addition facilitates record keeping according to, for example, FIFO or lot number.

As part of the provision of transport services by each railway branch of Russian Railways, the Central Directorate for the Management Terminal and Warehouse Complex provides a range of services for storage in areas of stations of goods, delivery of goods open to use by the public, including:

  • arranging loading and unloading,
  • arranging delivery by road,
  • loading and unloading equipment for loading and unloading operations.

Temporary storage is also provided for foreign goods and vehicles under customs control in specially designated premises properly equipped for that purpose or elsewhere, from the moment the goods are presented and means of transport to the customs authority and to their release or made available to the person (their owner) in accordance with selected customs procedures.