Russian railways

Feat of railway

repair pathwaysTrans-Siberian railroad contribution, as well as all the workers in the rear, to the victory is invaluable. Trans-Siberian railway workers played a huge role in bridging the supply of munitions, sending soldiers to the front, the evacuation of the wounded in hospital trains rear.

Participation railroad Far East in World War II was carried out in some areas. First of all, it is dedicated multi-shift work at the workplace - in the depot, workshops, travel teams, on the train. Along with the railway troops they helped clean up the battlefield after the battle was reduced way, bridges and other structures. Railway workers were directly involved in the fighting against Nazi Germany. The most courageous were awarded the title of Hero, awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Red Star, Glory, military medals for bravery.

At all stages of the sacred nationwide struggle against the fascist aggressors and they have worked valiantly defended our country.

In terrible time for the country railroad demonstrated high moral qualities. Every day, every hour, gave birth to rail mass labor heroism, unparalleled dedication, courage and valor.

"Railway business - business of war. Hand in hand with the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army Soviet railroad forge victory over the bloodthirsty enemy - German fascism ... The slogan" Everything for the front! Everything for victory over the enemy! "Translated into concrete reality combat" (from the brochure issued by the Political Administration of the People's Commissariat in the beginning of the war).