Russian railways

Protection of the Trans-SiberianImportant in the military environment protection acquired Trans.

On the proposal of the Political Administration of the People's Commissariat for many enterprises of railway transport in the early days of the war began to be created Komsomol youth squads to assist police and paramilitary shooting guard. With their help was organized clock duty in the most important parts of the rail network. The composition of the Komsomol youth squads reviewed and approved by political departments and heads of departments shooting guard. Commanders of platoons appointed Communists guidelines Komsomol workers, former soldiers of the Red Army. For the safeguarding of railway facilities were attracted located near highways farms, as well as the territorial organization of the Young Communist League, which was isolated as the best representatives of transport workers help young people.

At the same time under the leadership of the Party organizations at all enterprises of the rail network were organized societies for the study of military affairs, air bases and chemical defense. By August 1941 only for the Tomsk railroad military occupations covered 85% of the workers and employees.

"The enemy are interested in particular transport, - emphasized the July 1, 1941 editorial of the newspaper" Pravda ". - Protect the Soviet transport, take care of it! Organize most exemplary revolutionary order at stations, on the tracks near the train station and river ... Need sharpened alertness, that was not a saboteur, spy. Any slackness, blurred in the transport into the hands of the enemy. Keep all means of communication, vigilantly guard the bridges, ferries, telegraph, telephone! "