Russian railways

Since June 1941 Krasnoyarsk Railway was transferred to a military schedule. In October of the same year from Krasnoyarsk was sent first train with gifts for soldiers.

All called to the front more than 20 thousand Krasnoyarsk railroad. In the regional center was formed 9 separate armored trains, including "Yenisei", "Krasnoyarsk". 18 Krasnoyarsk locomotive crews went to the front to complete the crew of armored trains.

On the road, it was created 35 locomotive columns. In autumn 1942 locomotive column №31 headed by machinist Didenko and deputy for political affairs Zabelin was sent to Stalingrad and was behind the advancing troops, providing them with reserves and ammunition.

In the first year of the war, all shunting locomotives Ilan depot began to work in black and brown coal, with a mixture of sawdust and dross. Black coal saved for the front. During the war, the road has been saved 7,084 tons of coal.

In 1942 Krasnoyarsk took the initiative to transfer funds for the construction of a tank column "Krasnoyarsk railroad". There were collected 3,214,779 rubles, more than 1 million bond loans. Tank column "Krasnoyarsk railroad" came into service of the 1st Guards Tank Army and participated in the famous Vistula-Oder operation and the storming of Berlin. For the construction of a tank column Krasnoyarsk railroad received a telegram thanked by commander of the 1st Panzer Army Colonel General ME Katukova.