Russian railways

Work on the creation of railway rolling combat missile system (BZHRK) with intercontinental military missiles began in the late 1960s. Rocket RT-23 Molodets and missile system as a whole developed "Southern" in Dnepropetrovsk, General Designer Academician VF Utkin. Train and launcher developed on the basis chetyrehtelezhechnogo eight-car carrying capacity of 135 tons by the LACA, Leningrad, Chief Designer Academician AF Utkin. In 1987-1991 gg. built 12 complexes.

Missile Regiment BZHRK includes the following railway rolling stock:

  1. Three Minimum starting module.
  2. The command module, including a command post carriages to accommodate personnel, only 7 cars.
  3. Tank wagon with reserves of fuel and lubricants.
  4. Three locomotive DM62.

Minimum starting module includes three cars: a control point launcher, launcher and machine software. Each of the three launchers BZHRK member may start to implement in a train, and independently. When driving on the country's rail network BZHRK allows you to quickly change the disposition of the starting position up to 1000 kilometers per day. Firing range 10100 km. Missile length of 23.0 m. The length of the launch canister 21.0 m. The maximum diameter of the missile body of 2.4 m. The starting weight of the rocket 104,80 tons. Weight missile with a launch canister 126 m. The head part of the rocket separated type of individual guidance with ten fights 0,43MT power units and a complex means to overcome missile defense.

BZHRK1This is a formidable weapon embodied all the most advanced technology, reliable operation and elegance of design solutions. According to START-2 BZHRK removed from combat duty and is now eliminated.

Battle railway missile system entered the Museum of the October Railway in 2006 from the Perm region thanks to the active support of the leadership of "Russian Railways".