Russian railways

1974 - the beginning of the last stage of the Baikal-Amur Mainline

Present "Resurrection" idea was born at the end of the XIX century, happened only in 1974. Now the main drivers of construction steel Volunteering and military construction. Republican Komsomol teams competed with each other and have their "own" objects: the largest station Urgal built Ukrainian SSR station Muyakan - Belarus, Uoyan - Lithuania, Kichera - Estonia, Tayura - Armenia, Ulkan - Azerbaijan, Solon - Tajikistan, Alonku - Moldova. Tynda, the capital of the BAM, built Muscovites.

1980 - Organization of the Baikal-Amur railway located in the control of the road Tynda. It is composed of three departments - Urgalsk, Tyndinsky, the North.

Land in the composition of the BAM:

  • Bamovskaya - Tynda - Berkakit;
  • Lime - Urgal - Chegdomyn;
  • are in temporary operation site Beryozovka (Dookie) - Komsomolsk-on-Amur;
  • Ust-Kut (Lena) - Severobaykalsk;
  • Urgal - Beryozovka (Dookie).

September 29, 1984 - held the "golden" docked at the junction Balbuhta (Kalarsky area the Chita region). Met the eastern and western areas of the builders of BAM, advancing towards each other for 10 years. October 1 held laying "golden" links BAM station Kuanda (Kalarsky area the Chita region).

1989 - State Commission signed the act of acceptance into operation last spans BAM. From that moment the whole line passed the railroad (MPS USSR).

July 1996 - College of MPS decided to see the Baikal-Amur railway: the eastern section referred Far Eastern Railway, West - East Siberian. Border road just west of the station held Hani.