"Russia" branded train sets off for its maiden journey

imgonline-com-ua-Resize-UNp5arIBnBro.jpgIts end-to-end itinerary, from the capital to the Pacific coast, was 9288 km.

The Trans-Siberian Express crosses 7 time zones on its way. The train runs eight railways of the country, linking 90 cities of Russia. In a way, this route as a visual geography handbook: the train plies across 14 regions, 3 territories, 2 republics.

Over the century, the travel time of the pan-Russian train has more than halved: today end-to-end journey takes slightly more than 6 days. The entire journey from the zero kilometer of the Trans-Siberian Railway (mark with a symbolic milestone at the Yaroslavsky station) to the Vladivostok terminus and back takes 13 days.