Management of railway systems abroad

JSC Russian Railways has advanced technologies, which enable us to ensure efficient management of railway systems abroad. Currently underway are projects in Armenia and Mongolia.

Development of the Ulaanbaatar Railway (Mongolia)

Under a trust agreement, the Company continues to manage the 50 percent stakeinUlan Bator Railways which belongs to the Russian Federation.

A project is currently being implemented for the development of the Russia - Mongolia - China Central Corridor. Priority measures have been approved regarding the long-term modernisation and development programme until 2030 which provide for the overhaul of the railway linesby 2020 and the renewal of the locomotive fleet of Ulan Bator Railways.

Concession management of the railway system of Armenia

With in the framework of the concession management of South Caucasus Railways, a concept for the development and diversification of the company’s activities is being developedwhich will be focused on promising freight flows in the Transcaucasian region.