Russian railways


We are pleased to offer the best solutions and experience in the construction of infrastructure facilities in all climatic conditions.

For many years we have been successfully implementing the most complex engineering solutions.

We ensure the highest quality of work, and we care about the safety of the environment.

Geography of our projects

География инфраструктурных проектов холдинга РЖД.PNG

Serbia – implementation of two projects on construction and renovation of railway infrastructure, including supply of rolling stock. Work on a third contract is underway. Implementation of the two new infrastructure projects basing on the tender results.

Egypt – working out a project for railway infrastructure development and provision of strategic consulting services.

Slovenia – a project for reconstruction of Pragersko railway station and junction.

"1520 Area" states – providing assistance to national railway companies in the field of development of transportation process, introduction of new logistics products and automatic prediction systems, supply of rolling stock, digitalization and HR training.

Austria, Slovakia – implementation of the New Eurasian Transport Corridor project, envisaging extension of the 1520 mm gauge line to Bratislava and Vienna, and creation of appropriate logistics infrastructure.

Countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America – development of various prospective projects in the field of infrastructure construction and modernization.

More information about these and other projects, as well as all further details about the Holding's services in the field of engineering, you will discover on the RZD International LLC website.