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Engineering and implementation of infrastrucructure projects abroad

RZD Holding Company unites under a single brand name the most advanced competencies and cutting-edge technologies in the field of engineering. We are able to offer our clients a complete set of competencies and technologies in the field of railway construction.

Perspective infrastructure projects abroad

Infrastructure projects abroad

An overview of current and prospective infrastructure projects of the RZD Holding Company:

Serbia – a comprehensive project in the Company’s portfolio, which includes development of infrastructure and supply of Russian-made diesel trains for suburban traffic. Within the framework of the project the Company is also fulfilling humanitarian objectives, which include educational and cultural programs.

In 2019 we signed a new Contract for the design and construction of a United Railway Traffic Control Centre in Serbia. 

India – project for modernization of the Nagpur – Secunderabad railway line, aimed at increasing the speed of passenger trains up to 200 km per hour. The joint preparation of a feasibility study has been completed. The modes of participation of the Russian Railways’ Holding in the line’s modernization are being worked out.

Cuba – project for a comprehensive development of railway infrastructure. It includes the elaboration of a General Plan for the development of Cuban railways, training of about 550 foreign experts, supply of construction and track equipment from Russia, establishment of railway traffic control centre and reconstruction of more than 1000 km of railways. A contract has been signed to implement the project. 

Austria, Slovakia – project for construction of a New Eurasian Transport Corridor to Bratislava and Vienna with a 1520 mm railway gauge, as well as establishment of necessary logistics infrastructure.

Egypt, Mongolia and Azerbaijan - are project initiatives for infrastructure development which are in an advanced stage of development.

Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Moldova - are joint projects which are still being worked out.

Argentina, Egypt, South Africa and Saudi Arabia - are interested in joint projects – several framework documents have been signed.