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Corporate Citizenship

As a socially responsible company, Russian Railways helps its employees to build their career and look confidently into the future. We offer an extended social package based on the Company’s guarantee of a responsible attitude to its employees.

Free annual travel on public railways for employees and dependent children under 18 years of age:

  • long-distancetrain journeys for personal needs;
  • return journeys from home to work and place of study;
  • return journeys from home to place of treatment when ill;
  • return journeys from home to shops for the purchase of goods for family needs for people living at stations, sidings and stopping points where there are no retail outlets.

Maternity and child financial support:

  • Additional payments to the maternity allowance to increase the total payment amount to the average monthly income;
  • financial assistance in excess of the allowance established by law on the birth or adoption of a child;
  • a monthly attendance allowance for those on leave to care for a child aged between 18 months and 3 years of age.

Voluntary medical insurance for employees.

Provision for workers in need of household fuel.

Financial assistance when going on annual paid leave.

Accident insurance for workers’ children during their stay at children’s health camps.

Guarantees and benefits when an employee is laid off.

Corporate Pension System

the employer takes part in the formation of the employee’s non-state pension (Non-State Pension Fund Blagosostoyanie (WELFARE)  based on co-financing principles.