Russian railways

Russian Railways maintains a large-scale network of medical institutions, sanatoria and children’s camps throughout Russia for the families of its employees.

  • 173 hospitals and clinics;
  • 4,670 doctors in the superior expert category;
  • 84 sanatoriums, country retreat and recreation centers;
  • 80 children’s summer camps.

Free medical treatment under Voluntary Medical Insurance
Russia’s largest network of private clinics and hospitals. A unique technical base, modern treatment methods and world-famous doctors.

Sanatoriaat Russia’s resorts
Rest and treatment in sanatoria,country retreats and recreation centres of Russian Railways in ecologically pure zones and nature reserves. The Company pays from 50% to 90% of the cost.

Childrens camps in the country and on the Black Sea
A network of summer camps and recreation centres for 60,000 children of the Company’s employees every year. The Company pays 75% to 90% of the cost.

Corporate Sport Programmes
Payment for classes at sport clubs and sections up to 20,000 roublesper year. Corporate events: cross-country skiing, beach sports and chess, hockey and volleyball and sport competitions for Russian Railways employees.