Russian railways

Social support for womenCoordinating Council for Improving Women’s Working Conditions, Leisure and Social Support

Russian Railways is carrying out a range of measures to improve the working conditions and social security of women which is being implemented at state level.

More than 30% of Russian Railway’s employees are women. Their workingconditions should guarantee a balance between career growth and family responsibilities. The development of a system of social support for women and the creation of convenient, flexible and modern working conditions are therefore among the Company’s unconditional priorities today.

The Russian Railways Coordinating Council for Improving Women’s Working Conditions, Leisure and Social Support was formed on 9 February 2018 in order toprotect the rights and support women working at the Company.

In May 2018, the Company approved an Action Plan to Improve Women’s Working Conditions, Leisure and Social Support during 2018-2020, which was aimed at developing a system of social benefits and guarantees and improving working conditions etc.

 As part of the implementation of the Action Plan:

  • a decision has been taken to provide a "women’s day" without pay;
  • children of Russian Railway’s employees from the age of four are entitled to free travel under transport requirements on long-distance trains with a separate seat;
  • the components of the social package are supplemented by the possibility of compensation for the services of nannies, private kindergartens, cultural institutions and sports institutions;
  • the work of preschool educational institutions was extended and around-the-clock modes organized;
  • clarifications have been prepared on the transfer of workers to lighter labour during pregnancy;
  • new contemporary styles of clothing are to be introduced;
  • the regulation "On the Procedure and Principles of Self-Nomination at Russian Railways" was developed with the aim of helping to resolve the problems of women’s employment, including in managerial positions;
  • new collections of working clothesand safety shoes for womenwere developed;
  • a Handbook for Women Employees at Russian Railways was developed to inform them about labour rights, obligations and guarantees at the Company;
  • lectures for successful women have been conducted, cultural events were held with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle, family values, the Company’s traditions;
  • corporate publications publish articles and interviews with employees who are successful at their professions;
  • a Palace of Culture club card has been developed for female veterans;


In accordance with the approved Action Plan to Improve Women’s Working Conditions, Leisure and Social Support at the public health facilities of Russian Railways – RZD MEDICINE comprehensive measures are undertaken regularly to preserve and maintain health, reduce the incidence rate of illnesses and increase the duration and quality of life. Russian Railways also organises measures for the recreation and rehabilitation of women working at the Company.

As part of the Action Plan:

  • more than 800 women’s health schools were conducted throughout the healthcare network of Russian Railways;
  • health groups for women 40+ have been organized;
  • the range of medical and dental services has been expanded within the framework of the current Voluntary Medical Insurance agreement, and it has become possible to be examined by narrowly-focused specialists in the field of cardiovascular and oncological diseases and genetic research on family planning;
  • an Academy of Women’s Health and an Academy of Expectant Mothershave been established;
  • innovative diagnostic and treatment methods have been introduced in gynecology and cosmetology;
  • lectures, training seminars, discussions, consultations and round tables etc. are held in order to increase women’s awareness of issues related to women’s health;
  • Women’s Health wellness programmes have been developed, which include examinations to assess the risks of developing various pathologies, Mother and Child, Stop Stress etc.;
  • a Classical Sanatorium Programme for Women has been introduced at all RZD-HEALTH sanatoria, which combines full relaxation with personal care;
  • a set of exercises for industrial gymnastics has been developed in order to maintain health and longevity.