Russian railways
  1. Social responsibility
  2. Work with JSCo RZD
  3. RZD’s Young Generation
  4. Sport
  5. Culture

Social ResponsibilityCorporate social responsibility is the most important issue to consider at all stages of the management decision making process. It also an important company growth factor.

Non-financial risk management is a major corporate social responsibility function. JSC RZD has developed its social responsibility in accordance with the recommendations of leading international non-financial accounting standards. It is aimed at demonstrating the quality of its non-financial risk management and corporate social responsibility to society and investors, as well as at making the social responsibility tool of corporate governance.

Work with JSC RZD

JSC RZD is one of the largest employers in Russia.

The company has over 1 million employees in all federal districts of the Russian Federation, 16 railways (branches), and several dozens of functional branches and business units.

There are nine railway university complexes that prepare professionals for the career in the company, including classic universities, technical schools, and colleges.

Specialist training is organized in corporate training units:organized 16 training centres.

Education and Science

Educational facilities have operated for approximately 130 years within the railway transportation system. Today, JSC RZD has established 101 educational institutions (79 kindergartens, 17 boarding schools, and five comprehensive schools) for approximately 24, 000 pupils, including 21, 300 children of company employees. More than 3000 teachers employed at these educational institutions. 

RZD’s Young Generation

The Youth of Russian Railways Target Programme ( 2016–2020) is a basic document for the youth policy in the holding.

The programme aims to facilitate the professional development of young specialists.

Russian Railways currently employs over 340,000 people under the age of 35 , or 42.2% of all employees in the company. More than 40,000 people study as part of JSC RZD target programmes in railway universities and technical schools (colleges). Over 8000 thousand graduates of higher education institutions and technical colleges start their career in the branches and structural units of JSC RZD.

The Russian Railways system includes 25 children’s railways . Over 15,000 future rail workers study there. 


JSC RZD runs more than 1500 sports clubs on corporate sports facilities, with 40, 000 people taking part on regular basis, including 36, 000 RZD employees and their children.

The JSC RZD team takes part in the annual International Railway Sports Association championships.

Corporate championships for the children of Russian Railways’ employees are organized every year, with over than 200, 000 children taking part.


Russian Railways runs over 1000 interest clubs at its cultural facilities. Approximately 30, 500 people take part in activities arranged by these clubs, with some 25, 800 being RZD staff and their families.

Traditionally, we hold celebrations on our railways dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women’s Day, Victory Day, Railroad Workers Memorial Day, and Company Day.