Russian railways

Address from the Management Team


Белозеров новое официальное фото 200-140.jpgJoint Stock Company “Russian Railways” strives to be a leading company in terms of all performance indicators and business areas, adhering to the best business practices and strict requirements to business ethics. The well-coordinated work of the entire team allows us to achieve high production results. Our absolute priorities include not only production activities, maintaining social stability and improving the quality of life of our workers and their families, but also work to prevent corruption.

Our company strongly supports the principles of the state policy in the field of fighting corruption as well as the principles of the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business. The necessary regulatory framework has been developed, the advanced corporate standards have been introduced, and the mechanisms for detecting corruption have been created.

Along with that, it should be noted that the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures depends not so much on the regulatory framework, as on the honesty and decency of the holding’s employees in their daily practical work, that is, on you and me.

Russian Railways declare its intolerance to any manifestations of corruption and other illegal actions. Such position should be shared by all employees of the company, regardless of their position, work experience and achievements. Everyone should understand that being dishonest is not in trend today. Corruption and professionalism, conscientious performance of employment duties are absolutely incompatible concepts. The company has created all the conditions for employees to feel protected and to be able to work effectively. At the same time, the ability to ensure a high level of wages, an extensive social package, and to improve working conditions directly depends on our production and financial results. Any corrupt practices have an extremely negative affect on them.

That is why our common goal is to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance to any corrupt practices. I want to assure you that we will make every effort to ensure that those who do not meet anti-corruption requirements are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

The company has a “hot anti-corruption line” that ensures absolute confidentiality of information. Today, any non-indifferent person can call or write to report negative facts known to him.

Dear Colleagues! Once again, I urge you to always act honestly and openly, to comply with laws, and not to close your eyes to any violations. It is very important for the well-being of our company in general and each employee in particular. I am convinced that together we will be able to eradicate this evil, and the railway industry will become completely free from corruption!

Director General, Chairman of the Management Board of JSCo “RZD”
O.V. Belozerov