Sergey Nedoroslev

Chairman of the Board of Directors of KASKOL Group LLC, Member of the Board of Directors

Born on 24 October 1963.

1985: Graduated from Altai State University with a degree in Physics, worked as an engineer at the General Physics Department of the National Research Council.

1989: Postgraduate course at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, with a degree in Semiconductor and Related Device Manufacturing Technology.

2007: Defended his thesis on the topic “Corporate Governance in Joint Stock Companies with Dominant State Ownership”.

Candidate of Economic Sciences

1987 – present: Works in the companies he has established. Founder of Kaskol Group and STAN machine tool company.

Mr. Nedoroslev is a member of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation, Co-chairman of the All-Russia Public Organisation Business Russia, and a member of the Administrative Office of the Russian Engineering Union All-Russian Industrial Association of Employers.