Sergey Kobzev

Deputy Managing Director – Chief engineer

(Environmental Protection Issues, Reduction of the Carbon Footprint and Ensuring Compliance with International Sustainable Development Standards)

Mr. Kobzev was born on 9 July 1964.

After graduating from the Moscow Institute of Railway Transport Engineers in 1986 he began working as an assistant electric locomotive driver at the Ryazan Locomotive Depot of the Moscow Railway.

1999: Appointed Head of the Moscow – Ryazan Branch of the Moscow Railway.

1999–2003: Deputy Head, Chief Engineer, Moscow Railway.

2003–2007: Head, Locomotive Department of JSC Russian Railways.

2007: Appointed First Deputy Managing Director of the Railway Research Institute, Acting CEO of the Railway Research Institute.

2009–2011: Head of the Kuibyshev Railway (a branch of JSC Russian Railways).

2011: Appointed Head of the Centre for Technological Coordination (a business unit of JSC Russian Railways).

2014: Appointed Chief Technical Officer of Transmashholding.

2015–2017: Head of the Northern Railway (a territorial branch of JSС Russian Railways).

April 2017: Appointed Senior Vice President of JSC Russian Railways.

November 2017: Appointed Deputy Managing Director – Chief Engineer of JSС Russian Railways.

July 2021: Appointed First Deputy Managing Director of JSC Russian Railways.