16.11.2021   13:32

Loading volumes of cargo delivered to the ports of the Azov-Black Sea basin for export increased by 18.9% during January to October 2021

The loading volumes of cargoes delivered to the seaports of the Azov-Black Sea basin for export from January to October 2021 amounted to 75.5 million tons, an increase of 18.9% compared to the same period last year, according to the Corporate Communications Service at North Caucasus Railways.

In the ten months of 2021, 27.4 million tons of cargo were shipped to the Novorossiysk port station for export, an increase of 1.5% compared to January to October 2020, 22 million tons to Vyshesteblievskaya (Taman port), twice as much as in the same period last year, 12.2 million tons to Tuapse, a decline of 6%, and 5.2 million tons to Grushevaya, a rise of 10.2%.

Coal accounted for 32% of the freight traffic that North Caucasus Railways shipped for export, followed by oil (30.3%), ferrous metals (12.9%), grain (9.3%), fertilisers (4.4%) and iron ore (4.2%).