19.11.2021   13:26

Loading volumes of cargo delivered to ports from the stations at Moscow Railways for export increased by 15.7% from January to October 2021

Freight loading volumes at Moscow Railways and shipped to Russian seaports for export in January-October 2021 amounted to over 13 million tons, 15.7% more than in the same period in 2020. The ports in Russia’s North-West took delivery of 8.2 million tons of various cargoes, while 4.8 million tons were dispatched to the ports of the South and 180,600 tons to the ports in the country’s Far East.

Loading volumes of oil cargoes shipped to ports in January-October 2021 increased by 36.8% to 6.8 million tons. The biggest volume, amounting to 4.7 million tons, representing an increase of 23.4%, was despatched to Russian’s ports in the country’s North-West. Shipment volumes of chemical and mineral fertilisers in the same direction increased by 47% to 982,800 tons, according to the Corporate Communications Service of Moscow Railways.