01.11.2021   00:42

Rail Engineering Centre and Siemens Mobility to cooperate on development of high-speed electric trains

JSC Engineering Centre for Rail Transport, a joint venture between the Russian Railways (RZD) Holding and JSC Sinara – Transport Machines on the one hand and Siemens Mobility on the other, have signed a cooperation agreement within the framework of a project for the development and production of new high-speed electric trains for operation on high-speed railways in the Russian Federation.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, the partners will conduct technical consultations with the aim of developing the basic concepts for the preliminary design of the new high-speed trains for the broad gauge 1520 mm space and laying the foundation for the project’s development.

The results from this stage of the work will be carried forward to the next design stages, whose implementation will be agreed in future documents.

In developing the concepts, all the general requirements set by Russian Railways for the new Russian high-speed trains, as well as the Russian and international standards currently in force, will be taken into account.

Russian Railways has been successfully cooperating with Siemens for many years. The two companies have implemented a number of large-scale projects, including the development and commercial launch of the Sapsan and Lastochka high-speed electric trains.

"The Company highly appreciates Siemens’ engineering experience in rolling stock development and considers the signing of this agreement an important step towards the creation of Russian high-speed electric trains," said Vladimir Andreev, Head of the Technical Policy Department at Russian Railways.

"Thanks to this cooperation, we are taking our long-standing and reliable partnership with Russian Railways to a new level," said Albrecht Neumann, Managing Director for Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility. "Our customer is focused on improving high-speed transport in Russia by raising the level of passenger comfort and reducing costs throughout the entire life cycle of the train fleet. Our role is to support the Engineering Centre for Rail Transport, which is part of the RZD Holding, in the development of trains with uniquely optimised energy consumption and maintenance costs combined with maximum reliability."

"When implementing high-tech projects in mechanical engineering, cooperation with experienced partners significantly reduces the risk of errors arising in the design and production," said Alexander Kireytsev, Managing Director of JSC Engineering Centre for Rail Transport.

JSC Engineering Centre for Rail Transport was established by the Russian Railways holding and JSC Sinara – Transport Machines in order to develop competencies in the design and production of innovative railway rolling stock and infrastructure facilities in Russia.

The company is developing high-speed electric trains with travel speeds of up to 400 kph for operation on high-speed lines in the Russian Federation.