25.05.2021   09:12

Tickets for specialised seats and berths for the disabled available online from 24 May 2021

From 24 May 2021, tickets for specialised seats and berths on long-distance trains can be purchase on the Russian Railways’ website without the need for any additional registration at the Mobility Assistance Centre and the presentation of documents confirming the passenger’s disability.

Tickets for specialised seats/berths are limited in circulation and available only for a certain category of passengers.

The new system will check the legal basis of the ticket purchases automatically.

To buy a ticket for a specialized seat/berth on the website, it is now enough to indicate the passenger’s data and the SNILS/Personal Insurance Policy Number. The carriers will then receive the information about the passenger which they need in order to issue the ticket in electronic form.

To achieve this, the Russian Railways’ Holding and the Russian Pension Fund have integrated the information systems of Russian Railways and the Federal Register of Disabled People.

Modern principles of digital interaction and online verification of disability data have made it possible to abandon paper certificates for purchasing electronic tickets.

For passengers with disabilities, Russian Railways provides long-distance trains with special platforms (in carriages with seating accommodation) with the possibility of attaching a wheelchair or specialised equipped compartments (in sleeping cars).

For boarding and disembarking, such carriages are provided with lifts and seen the area of the vestibule zone and corridors increased and wider doors fitted, including in the WC.

For blind passengers, information has also been given in Braille.

The Directorate of High-Speed Communications at Russian Railways and its subsidiary the Federal Passenger Company provide discounts of 40% on these specialised seats/berths to disabled people and 50% to their attendants or accompanying passengers.

In addition, Russian Railways is currently working on integrating the information systems of suburban passenger carriers with those that contain the details of citizens who are entitled to free travel in suburban traffic.