23.03.2021   15:17

New control system will reduce intervals between trains in Baikal region by one third

A modern system to control the intervals between trains has been installed at the Bolshoy Lug – Slyudyanka-I mountain-pass section at East Siberian Railways.

The new technology will make it possible to reduce the intervals between passing trains and thereby increase the throughput of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The system automatically transmits information about the current train situation directly to the instruments in the locomotive cabin, allowing the driver to be guided not only by the usual traffic light signals, but also by the distance to the train ahead as calculated by the system.

The new technology is already operating on the 22-km Angasolka - Slyudyanka-II stretch.

It is planned to install an interval traffic control system along the entire 89-km section from Bolshoy Luga to Slyudyanka-I during 2021.