08.02.2021   17:46

Russian Railways starts building track to “Titanium Valley”

Russian Railways has started the construction of railway infrastructure to support the “Titanium Valley” Special Economic Zone. The project is being implemented under a concession agreement between Russian Railways and the government of Sverdlovsk Oblast [Region].

The construction and installation works have been organised simultaneously at two facilities, Verkhnyaya Salda station on Sverdlovsk Railways, which is the converging switch of the track now under construction to the public infrastructure, and at the Titanium Valley site itself, where a new railway station will be built.

The territory is currently being marked out and the earthworks have begun. Going forward, the roadbed arrangement, the laying of the railway track and communications and the construction of buildings and structures will be carried out. All the work is being carried out in compliance with environmental legislation.

Thanks to the creation of a new railway infrastructure, the residents of the Special Economic Zone will receive additional opportunities for transport services to industrial sites and benefit from the optimisation of supply logistics.