28.01.2021   11:59

New suburban commuter trains launched on over 40 routes in 23 regions in 2020

In 2020, Russian Railways upgraded suburban trains in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, purchasing 346 new carriages in various modifications at a total cost of over 28 billion roubles.

This large-scale fleet renewal programme not only made it possible to increase passenger comfort and convenience, but also to expand the suburban route network and attract tourists to a number of new destinations.

The new trains are operated by 10 suburban transportation companies covering over 40 routes.

The purchased rolling stock was produced exclusively by domestic Russian manufacturing companies, taking into account the specifics and state of the development of the railway network in each particular region.

For example, the rail buses of the RA-3 Orlan series are small but modern diesel trains consisting of two or three carriages and designed for rail sections which are not electrified and carry only small numbers of passengers. In 2020, 13 such trains consisting of 29 carriages in total entered services on routes on the island of Sakhalin, in Arkhangelsk, Ivanovo and Sverdlovsk regions, the Republic of Udmurtia and other regions.

The new trains supplied to the regions incorporate the latest technologies, equipment and materials. They meet all modern international requirements for the safety of rolling stock and are distinguished by their increased levels of passenger comfort.