12.01.2021   16:47

Russian Railways increased investment in railway infrastructure and equipment in the Kuzbass by 60% in 2020

According to the latest figures, Russian Railways invested over 18 billion roubles in the development of the Kuzbass region of West Siberian Railways in 2020. This is over 60% more than the volume of money spent in 2019, when the Company invested 11 billion roubles in the region’s development.

The investment enabled the modernisation of 135 km of railway track on the most important sections and the purchase of 63 new main-line electric locomotives and 13 shunting diesel locomotives. Part of the investment was aimed at upgrading the equipment and devices of the energy complex.

The Company continued the project aimed at increasing the throughput capacity of the Artyshta – Mezhdurechensk section and in addition reconstructed pedestrian bridges at Obnorskaya and Bochaty stations and installed technical means to ensure transport safety at the railway stations at Kemerovo, Tomsk-1, Prokopyevsk, Anzherskaya, Taiga stations and the railway bridge across the Tom River.