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17.11.2020   18:55

Rail management from Russia, China and Mongolia discuss prospects for increasing freight traffic

East Siberian Railways is taking part in a trilateral meeting of the border railway commissions of the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia.

According to the East Siberian Railways, total rail traffic between Russia-Mongolia-China in 2019 amounted to 6.8 million tons of cargo. Between January and October 2020, the volume of transported goods increased by 20% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 6.6 million tons. The increase resulted from redirecting freight from other modes of transport to rail.

Thanks to the good coordination between the rail companies, the volume of container traffic has significantly increased. In the 10 months of 2020 to the end of October, the number of container trains at Naushki station of East Siberian Railways increased by 69% to 1,952 trains.

Vasily Frolov, head of East Siberian Railways, noted that the pandemic had had an impact on the work of rail transport throughout the world. “In these difficult conditions, it is worth noting the unified approach to the decisions made by railway companies. The priority task of the current meeting is to search jointly for new development opportunities for our rail companies, including the issue of coordinating an increase in the passage of container trains in 2021 through the border points Naushki (on East Siberian Railways) - Sukhebator (Ulaanbaatar Railways) and Zamyn-Ude (Ulaanbaatar Railways) - Erlian (Chinese Railways),” noted Vasily Frolov.