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13.11.2020   09:06

Russian Railways and Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology approve action plan to protect Lake Baikal

Russian Railways and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation have approved a plan of joint measures for the environmental protection of Lake Baikal’s natural territory during the construction and reconstruction of the infrastructure facilities on the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Main Lines.

The plan envisages the creation of an information and analytical platform for the video recording, collection, processing and analysis of the results of environmental monitoring and the control and integration of this platform into a unified environmental monitoring system during the work to be carried out in the Baikal ecological zone.

The document also includes measures for the protection of the central ecological zone of Baikal’s natural territory, including cleaning up the coastline of Lake Baikal along the stretch from Baikal village to Talovka village, a distance of 361 kilometres.

As part of measures for the protection of atmospheric air in Lake Baikal’s central ecological zone, it is planned to switch 14 heating points for rail workers from heating furnaces to electrical energy.

To protect water resources, the existing wastewater treatment plants will be built and modernised and the construction sites equipped with wheel washing points.

At the initiative of Russian Railways, the plan also includes measures to protect the fauna and flora of Lake Baikal’s central ecological zone, in particular the restoration of 20 hectares of forest plantations and the use of fire-fighting trains to extinguish forest fires near the railway infrastructure.