05.11.2020   01:26

Head of Russian Railways and Governor of Amur Region discuss areas of cooperation

Oleg Belozerov, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways, and Vasily Orlov, Governor of the Amur Region in Russia’s Far East, have held a working meeting via a video conference.

The meeting’s main topic was cooperation between Russian Railways and the Government of the Amur Region on the development of transport and social infrastructure.

“Russian Railways regards the development of the Far East as one of its main priorities. The Company has approved a separate plan to attract and retain personnel on the territory of the Baikal-Amur Main Line (BAM) up to 2025. Last year we celebrated BAM’s 45th anniversary and set ourselves tasks that have to be solved by its 50th anniversary. We understand that the accumulated issues cannot be resolved immediately because that requires well-coordinated joint steps and constant monitoring of the situation. But ultimately, this will create conditions for a comfortable life and work for the region’s people,” said the Company head Oleg Belozerov.

“For us, Russian Railways is not just a good partner, but also one of the largest taxpayers. Last year, Russian Railways paid 10% of the total taxes paid into the Amur region’s budget, which amounted to more than 5 billion roubles. In addition, the Company employs 20,000 people in the here. Of course, our partnership in implementing various social initiatives means that we are closely linked – and that involves a great deal of work! I would also like to thank you for two specific events: Quantorium in Svobodny at the children’s railway – I was really impressed by the work done – as well as the sports ground in the remote village of Yerofei Pavlovich, where such infrastructure is in great demand,” said the governor of the Amur region.

Enterprises of the Russian Railways’ Holding are the backbone of many settlements in the Amur Region, so the Company implements special programmes there in order to create a comfortable work environment and develop the social infrastructure.

To solve the housing issue, specialised corporate housing stock is under active development. In 2020, four residential buildings have already been built at Yuktali, Skovorodino and Yerofei Pavlovich stations, while a residential building in Verkhnezeisk will be commissioned by the end of this year. Employees can take advantage of a preferential mortgage programme to buy apartments, and special conditions apply to mortgages for young employees. In addition, a programme was launched last year to enable employees to receive their own housing entirely at Company expense after working long-term at enterprises owned by BAM.

Russian Railways also supports and develops industry-specific medicine in order to provide high-quality medical care that is accessible to all residents across the region. The year the Company year has repaired hospitals in Tynda and Fevralsk. In addition, it provides active assistance in the development of kindergartens and municipal schools in small towns to ensure that children have access to both preschool and school education.

“We are ready to become a driver of positive changes in the region by creating a new quality of passenger transportation, supporting the development of tourism, stimulating business growth through modern and reliable logistics, and providing better conditions for our employees and their families,” said Oleg Belozerov.

The meeting ended with a proposal to draw up a unified action programme and to sign a corresponding agreement next year on cooperation between Russian Railways and the Government of the Amur Region.