22.10.2020   15:15

New design for reserved seat carriage positively assessed by over 80% of respondents

The Russian Railways’ Holding has conducted a survey among the public about its concept for a new reserved seat carriage.

The carriage was presented on the square near Moscow's Paveletsky railway station from 2 to 16 October 2020.

According to preliminary results, about 6,000 people examined the new design and some 3,500 visitors left their opinions, with 82% of the respondents giving the project a positive assessment and 49% saying that “I liked it very much.”

In particular, the proposed design was approved by 85% of the respondents, its comfort level by 73%, and its reliability by 78%.

Three different channels allowed respondents to leave their feedback and reviews. The carriage contained interactive clickable remote-control buttons, paper questionnaires directly in the carriage, and ф QR code placed in the compartment which people could scan.

The opinions of visitors will be taken into account when finalising the new rolling stock.

A distinctive feature of the carriage is the increased “T” dimension in comparison with the standard rolling stock. In other words, we have increased the width of the carriage by 28 cm and the length by 73 cm. Thanks to these changed dimensions and the rearrangement of the interior space, the new cars have more space for accommodating passengers and storing luggage.

We have also increased the length of sleeping compartments. The berths are now 15 cm longer and the side positions 12 cm longer. In total, we have increased the carriage interior space by 11%.

The design of the new second-class carriage allows for the creation of a personal space through the individual adjustment of comfort parameters (light, air direction) and new space for storing personal belongings. All berths now have individual curtains, sockets, shelves for gadgets.

In addition, passengers on two adjacent berths in different compartments can communicate seamlessly without leaving their compartments, thanks to a sliding partition built into the wall.