19.10.2020   16:00

Russian Railways awarded prizes in two categories for railway station development projects

Russian Railways has received awards in two categories at the XI annual awards for Consumer Rights and Service Quality.

The first prize was in the category “High Level of Service for Passengers with Limited Mobility” for the project “Technology of Service for Passengers with Limited Mobility at Railway Stations,” while the second award was in the category “Retail Services – Transport Services” for the project “Business Lounges in a New Format.”

The project Technology of Service for Passengers with Limited Mobility at Railway Stations has several components. As part of the Company’s aim to create barrier-free environments at train stations, a range of measures is being implemented such as the installation of specialised equipment and the adaptation of the station premises to the needs of people with limited mobility. All railway stations provide assistance and escort services for passengers with limited mobility, including the organisation of meetings at the station, escorting passengers around the passenger complex and providing assistance when boarding the train.

The project “Business Lounges in a New Format has been underway since the end of 2019 at Russia’s largest railway passenger complexes and takes in eight stations, including Leningradsky and Paveletsky in Moscow and Moskovsky in St. Petersburg, as well as the station complexes at Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi , Petrozavodsk and Ivanovo.

The Company’s new business lounges offer a wide range of services to provide comfort, convenience and a high level of service not only for relaxation, but also for carrying out business operations.

The new format business lounges are also the only business lounges in the world at railway stations that are included in the Priority Pass international loyalty programme.