08.07.2020   15:59

RZD Holding to reinstate more than 100 long-distance trains intimetable

Due to the steady increase in passenger demand for travel, the RZD Holding continues to reinstate long-distance train timetables. Passengers are now buying about 220,000 tickets every day during the summer months and for September, which is twice the daily sales figures during May. Electronic tickets account formore than 60% of total sales.

In the near future, more than one hundred long-distance trains operated by the Federal Passenger Company (FPC), a subsidiary of Russian Railways, will be incorporated again in the timetable. Based on earlier decisions, more than 160 trains will eitherresume or see their frequency of their services increase, including all fast trains: Sapasan, Strizh and Lastochka services. At this stage, more than 350 pairs of RZD Holding passenger trains, including year-round and seasonal trains, are planned to be reinstated in the timetables, or 2/3 of the total volume as per the 2020 timetable for long-distance trains.

Passengers can find out more about the resumption of trains from a special section of the official website of RussianRailways. Passengers can also purchase tickets on the Company’s website, from the RZD Passenger mobile app, and at ticket offices.

Long-distance trains are taking all measures to ensure the safe transportation of passengers. In accordance with the recommendations of public health doctors, the carriages undergo careful disinfection at the depot. Train staff disinfect the carriages at least 4 times a day while the trains are en route, while ultraviolet lamps installed under the carriage ceiling decontaminate the air. Carriages are therefore absolutely safe for passengers and the health and safety measures undertaken are concealed from travellers. All bedding, including mattresses and pillows, undergo special disinfection.

All long-distance trains provide contactless infrared thermometers to measure the temperature of passengers en route at least twice a day. Passengers can buy individual protectionsuch as masks and gloves etc. from the conductor. If a passenger suffers from an increased temperature or other coronavirus symptoms en route, medical staff will examine him/her at the next station. The train staff will comply with all instructions and precautions in accordance with the regulations until the doctorsarrive.