03.07.2020   16:19

"Plan of measures for passenger services between CIS countries approved in event pandemic eases," says CEO of Russian Railways

Demand for rail travel continues to recover. Russian Railways has reintroduced 74 long-distance domestic trains to its timetable, which is 30% of the total number of previously cancelled trains, and in addition has increased the frequency of another 33 trains. This has reversed the declining level of passenger turnover from 75% in April-May to 67% in June. The CEO and Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov announced these figures on 3 July 2020 when speaking during a conference call on the results of the Company’s work in June and the first half of 2020.

Belozerov stressed that the organisation of summer passenger services remains a Company priority.

"As the epidemiological situation continues to improve and the members of the Russian Federation gradually lift restrictions, we are continuing to work to restore the volume of passenger trains," said Oleg Belozerov.

Belozerov also said that the topic of passenger safety had beendiscussed by the Commonwealth Railways Council in June. The Council approved a plan for recommended comprehensive measures to organise international rail passenger services during the transition period, while simultaneously reducing the dangerfrom the coronavirus.

"This represents a unified standard that we and our foreign colleagues will follow, the guidelines according to which we will restore international services," said the head of the Russian Railways.

Oleg Belozerov also noted that the employees at Russian Railways were gradually returning to their jobs. The headquarters at both the Company’s main office and directly at its geographical subdivisions have transitioned to day-to-day operations since the restrictions have been lifted. The head of the Russian Railways stressed that all the safety and health measures which had been put in place to guard against the epidemic at the workplace should be implemented with special care.